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Footlights came into being in 2007 when we were all singing with County Connection Chorus in Cambridge.   With two baritones something had to change, so Sam switched to lead and a quartet was formed.  The early days were interesting, to say the least.  It took us a little while to find our feet, and recordings of rehearsals at the beginning still have the power to curdle milk.  Happily, with a lot of effort and a great deal of practice, plus support, encouragement and coaching from various brave people we did get better!  We now have a huge variety of songs and costumes at our disposal, and for the last three years have plumped for comedy for our convention package.  Singing together has provided us with an enormous amount of fun and three best friends each!

We love performing (for a very reasonable fee) as there really is little point in learning great songs if nobody ever gets to hear them.  After dinner, before dinner, in a supporting role, at parties, weddings, barbeques – whatever your “do”, we’ll sing for you.  Contact us via our website or phone 01353 774711 or 07931 710264

Sam, Fiona, Hilary & Barbara